a pair of idiots, specifically two girls who want ridiculously impossible and stupid christmas wishes
nicolette and hannah is shiny paint, hella dumb.
by msvehicularmanslaughter December 11, 2007
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When someones belongings are gone through unknowingley. They then get reclaimed.
Where's my shades? Somebody must have been shiny piling.
by Drillbitt Doll January 17, 2021
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Someone that is really cute, but has a shit personality

(credits to Annie Marshall for this)
Wow he's super hot but he's just a shiny rock
by Kyleechrist April 25, 2016
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A beautiful person who is exceptional in body and mind
That Sexy hot babe is so stunning I cant look at her , she is a Shiny Shiny Thing
by AbstractArtist May 18, 2017
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Shiny smile is a smile someone gives you out of pity. Not a real smile; a fake one.
She gave me a shiny smile when she saw my missing finger.
by whitegirrrl03 May 04, 2015
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Term of affection for a policeman, with extremely shiny boots.
Oh please don't arrest me Sir Shiny, have i been a bad girl? Are you going to handcuff me?
by DottieVATmistress May 17, 2016
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When a man visit a KTV in Taiwan and the girl gives him a Hand Job in front of the audience, where the backlight from the TV lighted up his gentlemen sausage.
It was a fun party tonight, it ended with a Gary's Shiny Dick move.
by IPA Nobleman December 20, 2020
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