Fast-ass trains in Japan.
The Shinkansen can move at speeds above 250mph, and resemble a airplane on the inside. You can travel extremely long distances very quickly by utilizing the shinkansen, but you pay the price. They're far more expensive than taking a local train.
I felt like I was flying when I rode the shinkansen, watching the small towns fly by at 260mph.
by salary man kintaro August 3, 2004
Shinkansen (AKA `Bullet train`) are super fast advanced trains running at over 270mph from Hakata in the south of Japan all the way to Akita, in the North. Shinkansen lines also run from Tokyo to Takaaki, Nagano, Osaka and Sendai. They are the Greatest, GO GREEN CARS (first class)!!!!!
Funky Westerner: Omg/ LMAO, yesterday i rode the shinkansen to Tokyo, then i went to the Tokyo Disney Resort!!!!

Super Japanese man: OH Sugoi, choto takai desu ne!!! Tokyo Disuni resoto ga tanoshikata deshita ka?

Westerner: wow, i too can speak the language of the ninja: DOMO ARIGATO MR ROBATO!!!! TSUKI NO EKI WA TOKYO, TOKYO EKI DESU!!!!!
by ohianjo February 3, 2006
Shinkansen Hayabusa H5 (Shinkalion HB H5).
A train driven by Hatsune Miku (real/fake unknown).

Please find my definition for the vocaloid squad for more.
In fact, the use of "Shinkansen Hayabusa H5" as your username is regarded as simping for Miku.

Which, of course, is an apt description of me.

by π=3.14159265358979323846 November 24, 2021