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A type of cane, club, weapon, or walking stick associated within Ireland. Often times men can use this term as an excuse to indirectly reference their dick or cock region, gooch area etc. to subliminally ask them if they would like to have sex with you.
"Would you like to touch my shilelagh?"
-Grandfather of Bono from U2

"My shilelagh is so hard right now could you help me work it in?"

"Stroke my shilelagh for me will ya?"

"I've never seen a captain hook shilelagh like that before! Wanna try it out?"

"You've been through so many shilelagh's Jill maybe you should try mine out!"
by Johnnydown April 22, 2009
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What us good Irish boys used in the old days to beat the proddy's with.
I beat rhe fuck outta some Adventists today with me new shilelagh.
by Vaughn the Enemy March 20, 2005
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