god himself
Person 1: Have you heard the great news of God?

Person 2: Did you mean to say Shigechi?
by wryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy October 27, 2020
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The hottest JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure character from Part 4 known to mankind, right next to Yoshikage Kira.
Shigechi is god
by NepgearAfficionado May 5, 2022
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if you are treated as a " Shigechi ", you have no rights, and should feel ashamed of yourself.

Likely, you should reconsider some of your life choices.

Fuck Shigechi.
" Wow, you sure are being a dick ! "
-" Hey, listen here you Shigechi !"
" How dare you. "
by That tall guy that breathes January 12, 2020
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