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She is a good listener when you try to talk about your problem to her. She also can be a good partner as she able to work under pressure. She is a good leader, creative,motivational and hardworking person. She will not stop until she done her task. Sometimes she could be so annoying but she can be so funny. She look tough but deep inside she was broken. She doesnt need help from other in her life because she is so strong. There are many people concern about her. She will always catch others attention on her doings. She is a lovely girl.
Boy 1 : where did she came from?
Boy 2 : sherrylyn just got here.
Boy 1 : i like her. She is adorable.
Boy 2 : yeah. Thats true. She can be a good partner.
by Lulu and lilo December 28, 2017
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