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Just like the English word "libtard" and a recently popular Chinese-English phrase "Baizuo", "Shengmu-Biao (聖母婊, or 圣母婊 in simplified Chinese)" represents the hypocritical people who apply double-standards and persist on bestowing privilege upon certain groups in the name of so-called "equality". They attempt to justify some incorrect ideas and bad policies by naming them "political correctness".

聖母 means "goddess" or "female deity", while 婊 means "bitch" or "slut"; the compound phrase 聖母婊 literally means "a bitch/slut who disguises herself as, or just asserts that she is, a goddess. Two extremely different characters, positive and negative, are combined into one phrase to deliver the feeling of being disgusted by hypocrisy.

A Shengmu-Biao usually fails to argue people holding different opinions, but is very good at labeling others with words ending up with "-ist" or "phobic". For instance, when asked how to solve the problem that some illegal immigrants or refugees are violent criminals or terrorists, a Shengmu-Biao probably evades the question and label the one who asks this question "xenophobic", "against all immigrant", "racist", "bigot", etc.
The German ShengmuBiao Angela Merckel let the "refugees" pouring into Europe without a strict background-check, and many radicals take this as a chance to sneak into Europe. Sooner or later, the European civilization will be ruined by those ShengmuBiao politicians, while the real refugees, who cannot even make their trip to Europe, are not receiving any assistance they require.
by AncientXII May 21, 2017
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