-You can't lump us in with that martian.
-Yeah, Our shenanigans are funa and cheeky.
-His are Cruel and Tragic.
-Making them not Shenanigans at all.
-Evil Shenanigans.
-I'm gonna pistol whip the next guy who says Shenanigans.
-Hey Farva what's the name of that place with all the goofy shit on the walls and the mozerella sticks?
-You mean 'Shenanigans'?
by GimpTG September 23, 2003
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Mischievous activites.
Now commonly used by hipsters to in place of fun trying to seem cool. Instead they look like douchebags.
Hipster 1: We were in SoHo and got into some shenanigans!

Hipster 2: That sounds so fun!

by kikis3xy July 01, 2010
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An interjection used to falsify another's statement... Pretty much the trump card of conversation.
"I call shenanigans!"

a: "Hey"
b: "Wassup"
a: "I heard my girlfriend cheated on me with you"
by N-Diggle September 22, 2006
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Silly or goofy behavior done by a group of friends or closely associated people.

Such silly or goofy behavior is almost always of a good nature, and involves good, sometimes clean fun.

Said behavior will usually happen when all or most people in said group are either bored, hyper, or overly tired.

It can also be identified as the actions done by said group that come about as a result of the friends in such group "getting high off of each other", a phrase used to describe the feeling of being high when around certain friends for a given amount of time, simply because they are awesome and fun to be around and they always have fun together and their company is very much enjoyed.

Shenanigans is also, but less often, referred to as sneaky, deceptive, or mischievious behavior.
1) What happens at CHS when there is a Drama Co. rehearsal AND a Choir rehearsal on the same evening. The break between the two rehearsals often and almost always consists of shenanigans! :)

*Peter sitting by himself*
*Several friends approach him*
Kim: Hey, man, there's room over there with the rest of us if you wanna join.
Peter: Yes, I'm aware.
Kim: So you wanna sit by yourself like a loner?
Peter: Yeah, I'm fine, thanks.
*Kim and others return*
Leila: What's wrong with Peter?
Kim: Nothing, he just wants to sit by himself, and not join our super-fun shenanigans that we are having.
*All other than Peter (sad face) commence in having a super-fun time of shenanigans*

3) Playing improve games with Nick (happy face). Such games include "freeze", "bang", "atom", "the party game", "psychic battle", etc.

4) Having a dance party outside of the chorus room.

5) Having (and losing) a crab fight with Leila, resulting in accidentally banging your head against a chair.
by Kim Suizdak March 12, 2011
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when a person declares shenanigans, all parties must participate in a broom fight. NOTE: this is ABSOLUTELY necessary
*a guy runs into a room*


Guy 2: Everybody find a broom!!!!!!

Everybody participates in broom fight
by awesome@broomfighting101 March 29, 2010
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1- Playing silly jokes/tomfooleries on the innocent for shits and giggles.

2- The free-for-all(ball-slapping) that happens after the hackysack lands on someplace unorthodox
1- "Oh pooping on that car was definately the funniest shenanigans you've ever pulled."

2- "Holy shit! That was the best round of shenanigans, you hit him so hard in the nuts he puked!"
by Tom J. Foolery April 21, 2004
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1. something cheeky
2. a restaurant with tacky stuff on the walls and mozzarella cheese sticks
3. something worthy of being pistol whipped for saying
"Hey farva, what is that restaurant you like with the tacky stuff on the walls and mozzarella cheese sticks?"
"you mean shenanigans?"
"oh sarge, better pistol whip him"
by p00n master April 24, 2006
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