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sometimes known as shem, shemaiahs are too sassy and fabulous for you. their hair distingiushes their look to make them amazing people. they are funny and friendly but will eat all your food and not share theirs. they give the greatest cuddles and will be someone you cherish forever. if you have a
shemaiah in your life. your life is good.
by unicornsloveshem June 24, 2013
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Shemaiah is the most funniest person ever she we literally make you pee your pants especially when shes mad and tries to tell you why.She's a beautiful person with A+ personality.Her hair is long and shiny and she has the most flawless cheekbones.She can be shy at first but she'll come around and when she does there's no going back.If she is quite she usually tginks there is no reason to talk and that the.conversation doesn't include her.She loves food like really loves food and in her head she doesnt want to share but in her heart she feels ots the right thing to do. She is also ver intelligent and usually one of the teachers favorites. If you're a boy,date her she's wifey material and shes sexy there's no risk at all. Get on Shemaiah's good side.
Dang ,she's such a Shemaiah,she makes me laugh all the time .
by chris.crusty.unicorns February 28, 2016
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