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When You get decieved or betrayed by a known a indivual with ginger hair who is commonly referred to as Larron/ Kiki (in French terms).
*money goes missing*

"You fucking sheggers"
by Sheggers March 16, 2018
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" Shegger" means thug in gangsters slang , this name is usually applied to young gang members who have killed at least 2 people & who are out from juvenil detention center or gang affiliated youngters out from jail for murder.
Old Gangsters use the term Shegger to qualify a young gang member only when the young is extremely violent, only ultra violent gangsters can use this term without being killed..
"This boy is a real thug a real shegger niggaa!"
"Fuck the world Shegger 4 Life"
"I am an hopeless thug I'm a shegger "
by ThugNation1 November 07, 2016
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