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digging your toes into the sheets in order to gain the traction required to bang your lovers head into the headboard while fucking.
Damn my head is sore and my pussy feels like it has been kicked by a mule after that sheetripper.
by Salfal August 12, 2009
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Sheet rippers can sometimes refer to the description of a lady's pair of high heels. The term implies that the heels are so high (and pointed) that during the throws of passion, her stiletto heels rip and tear the bed sheets.
Sometimes Jane likes to wear her FMBs but she worries about tearing the bed linen. She's got that many sheet rippers, she never knows which shoes to wear.
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by Invizibullman May 22, 2018
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An especially obnoxious fart. Often attributed to the sound, reminiscent of the sound a sheet of cloth makes when torn
"Steve let out a real sheet ripper last night, I thought he'd shat the bed.
by Smilin Wanderer March 16, 2018
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