A term used for a loud fart by soldiers in WWII stuck in close quarters, such as a transport ship or tent. A polite term for a rude farting event.
Cpl. Evans drove us out of the foxhole with his sheet music.
by Matt Holly April 29, 2008
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A channel of two people who make great sheet music. Those include Gas gas gas, Kalinka, Katyusha, and they make their own compositions, like Rush B, Demonetization rag, remonetization rag, etc.
Random lad: Hey, that sounds nice! What it is called?
Pianist lad: Rush G from Sheet Music Boss
by Git cloned February 20, 2019
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1.Not literally as it is, this expression is used only when two friends (either existing gender), happens to kill another one accidentally and one or neither of them never tried (to solve this problem together) to sing the same song of regret yesterday.

2. To paraphrase, "Sing (or sung) Yesterday's Music sheet", is to settle a problem between two friends (usually a love situation." So when saying sing or sung, it is meant to settle.
*interrogation of deceased person's friend*
Police: It's not entirely your fault
Boy/girl: No! It is! I should've been the one to Sing Yesterday's Music Sheet with him/her!
by Sin_P June 9, 2017
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You were bored and thought there was a song called yeet worth playing.
I searched yeet sheet music today, nothing came up.
by okboomer457293 November 5, 2020
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