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A particularly pungent cheese, made from the fermented milk of a yak in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

It is left to mature for up to ten years in containers made of the stomach and upper intestinal tract of the yak.
It has been reported that sheenac smells like a cross between a sweaty parmesan and taramasalata.

It's colour depends on how long it has been allowed to mature for, ranging from a pale green at one to two years old, to almost black at it's peak maturation of ten years.
It must not, under any circumstances, be ingested by humans.

It is widely used by the Bhutanese as a vapour rub similar to Vicks; and also is useful in scaring off Yeti, who are so dangerously lactose intolerant that they will travel miles out of their way just to avoid any kind of dairy products.
Wow, that is a nasty cold you have there, would you like me to rub some sheenac on your back?
by Pidgeoid February 03, 2010
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