a female who eats takis has a brother named tom lives in avalon and dyed her hair blone
alice sheehan is a woman
by macksnigre March 21, 2022
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Someone who catches an Audi on fire.
Man 1: Did he really burn the Audi?
Man 2: Yep... he really pulled a Kyle Sheehan.
by Jenny Taylia October 25, 2017
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Otherwise known as “Kevin Shan” “Keevwa Sheeeehan” or “Ben Barnes Simp”, she is a simple soul, with a dirty mind and a no longer airing cooking show by the name of “Cooking With Caoimhe
“Did I hear you correctly? Biggest Ben Barnes Simp? I think you meant to say Caoimhe Sheehan”
by twrhuydtye May 30, 2021
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