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A newbie in halo or halo 2 that uses the Banshee covanent vehicle to great extend. Describes noobish behavior
Man that guys a shee noob.
He can't get any kills without it.
by johant231 May 11, 2006
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The Shee Noob is a special class of noob that plays the Halo series.

A Shee Noob's gaming experience mainly consists of:

1. Getting in a banshee for an extended and lengthy period of time.

2. Splatting anyone that comes within range.

3. Doing it over and over to gain cheap kills that require less skill than boiling an egg.

Shee Noobs are looked down upon in gaming society and if you are one, then you may need to get help, or stop gaming altogether.

How to avoid a Shee Noob if present in a match:

1. Stay indoors at all times.

2. Leave the game.

3. Lock on rockets if avialable.

Please refrain from being, A Shee Noob
Player X: "FFS, that f***ing Shee Noob is up there sky camping again. He has killed me 9 times in 3 minutes! You cant play for shit Shee Noob!!!"

Shee Noob "You're just jealouse that im winning. You newb. You're the one that sucks, you cant even kill me."

Please. Dont be a Shee Noob.
by Jaykardee_09 December 25, 2009
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When one Uses the banSHEE Repetively while playing online Halo.
Since Mike could'nt kill anyone on foot,He became a shee-noob and hopped on a banshee for the rest of the game. taking out alot of people.
by jmun7 December 05, 2007
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