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- A man who looks like a lady.
- A man with long hair.
- A lady who acts like a man.
- Shut up Mo, you shebitch!
- Yo, look at that guys long hair, what a shebitch!
- (Ashley slaps Joe in the face.)
Joe says: Yo, calm down shebitch!
by Miro January 15, 2005
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A person, usually female, who cannot be trusted with certain pieces of information. You may be friendly with this person because they're a good laugh but not trust them when anything.
You can't trust her! She's a she bitch!
She spread rumours about me.. that she bitch
by Saythingshowtheyare April 22, 2017
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Wife of Val. Possibly the last of the Cromagnon species. Ugly and smelly.
ook ook eek eek!!!
by INS March 03, 2003
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