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New movement in modern art, consisting of artwork created by Sharpie brand markers. The term was originally used to describe surrealist/realist pop artwork created by LA based Sharpie Artist Travis Moore, as early as 2005, both by Moore and those covering his Sharpie sponsored shows at Crewest Galley, soon after the term was adopted by Moore and he has since used it to describe the work he is known for primarily creating. Sharpism is characterized by the use of the brand name marker to create a series of small vignettes that consist primarily of a variety of sometimes unrelated images or objects, locations and people, and create a dialog between the positive and negative composition of the piece. In addition, the work creates a conversation or spurs a memory based upon the images presented and portrayed within the composition. When the images converge to create an obviously recognizable second or third image it is referred to as Analytic Sharpism. These examples of his work are often compared to clouds because people can see other images in them. Moore describes the Sharpism work he creates as free flow art, and likens it to playing jazz.
This new Sharpism piece, by Travis Moore is over 6 feet tall and the line work is mesmerizing.
by tikijackson May 19, 2016
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