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A misuse of the English language generally (over)used by people in a business setting who are trying to justify their work, asking others to do work, or a meeting that they have called. A classic example of how people in business try to sound extra smart when in fact their business speak is butchering the precision of the language.
Marketing has called a meeting today to share out results of research they have been doing about ways business speak kills the English language.
by sankavarmuch March 03, 2017
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Teacher parlance for sharing a thought on a subject, usually spoken by an admin who doesn't want to lead the PD session any more than you want to be there. Where ordinary people share, Teachers 'share out'.
Admin: Delivers uninteresting comments on the latest education fad and then asks a group of bored teachers "who wants to 'share out' about how they might use this in their classroom?"

Bored teachers: look at each other and shift in their seats awkwardly until somebody volunteers as tribute.
by MyPseudonym August 29, 2015
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