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A house where two or more unrelated people pay rent to live.
I lived in a share house in Paramatta for a few years but got tired of cleaning up my roommates' messes.
by Wapt August 28, 2009
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A place to live if you want to encounter selfish and inconsiderate strangers who make loud noises at any hour of the night, don’t do any cleaning, hog the kitchen and living room, will be on phone calls all hours of the night, make mess and expect you to clean it, will use the couch as their personal clothing line, steal your milk and have their drunk friends running around the house naked. The other occupants apparently don’t know the definition of the word share
Living with my family can be so annoying sometimes”
“Well it’s a lot better than living in a sharehouse
“That’s true”
by kfcftw January 09, 2019
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