Someone who can't keep the ball in play during a round of golf. Hitting the ball to the extreme right (slice) or extreme left (hook).
Way to go shankapotomus, try keeping it on the fairway next time.
by nonshank-golfer October 31, 2009
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Someone who makes a bet then upon losing makes up excuses tward the technicalities of the win...oh and they don't pay up.
winner: alright thats game man, now pay up.
loser: are you sure that last move was cool with the rules, i mean...
winner: oh come on..
loser: it was like on the wrong side..and.
loser: i know...
by Moondog88 May 18, 2009
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Some one who will shank a bitch, ho, motherfucker, or anyone in any way inferior. Usually the shankapotomus travels in teams and can be found in the woods of Germany writing and illustrating children's books. Don't interrupt it. Or it will strike. The shankapotomus is a known diva and badass.
Yo, better watch out I hear the shankapotomus is in town. It will fuck your shit up, bro.
by Syngnathinae December 2, 2009
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