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Shalontae is a girl whose not afraid of any bitch or nigga. Shalontae is a very nice person and a good friend. But don’t get on her bad side or you’ll wish you wasn’t born. Shalontae can be a little crazy and overprotective at times but she is very loyal and trustworthy . She’s outspoken and not afraid to tell others how she feels. Shalontae’s also a very bad kisser but she’s very good at making friends, so if she doesn’t like you somethings wrong. She can build strong relationships with people and does her best not to break their trust! While Shalontae sounds big and bad she can be sensitive at some point. Shalontae can be gullible at times and believes almost anything. She doesn’t like to be lied to, she loves honesty. She’s a very independent person so don’t think she can’t do anything on her own!
I’m glad i have an shalontae to count on
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by Kitty122 June 03, 2018
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