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A fictious character that has recently dominated the Wii circuit. His shaft-like nose, gaudy eyebrows, and uncharacteristic shape makes him the ultimate Wii machine. Whether it is serving up aces, knockin' home eagles, or goin' yard; he represents what is good in the Wii World. Shaftstroke cannot be duplicated nor can he be shakin. Shaftstroke nails roughly 800 ladies a year, all types: slants, colored, whites, you name it he has hit it. So next time you are tipping grandpa's cough medicine back with your mates, say HI HO!! and drink one for Shaftstroke's Unparalleled dominance of both Wii and Bird.
Shaft, Stroke, shape, Wii, Nintendo, ladies, horny, ass beater, tennis pro. Shaftstroke dominates Wii and pussy from all regions around the the world.
by JLuc April 18, 2008
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