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(n)-(mammal)-(not exclusively, but usually human male)
A very rare speciman indeed, he can be identified by the shady-stamp. Known to frequent certain geographical locations in southeastern United States, though no known natural or permanent habitat, he is migratory by nature.
Suspicious (bordering on paranoid) by nature, given the right circumstances he can be spooked easily. When feeling threatened, he has been documented to seek cover (sometimes for days) in the wild. While sightings have been reported during daytime hours, usually right after dawn or before dusk, he is primarily nocturnal by nature, normally active well into the early morning hours.

Very observant of his surroundings, having almost a sixth sense forwhen something is amiss or being hidden, he will sometimes resort to intense questioning, bordering on interrogation, till a satisfactory resolution/answer can be found.
It is extremely hard to gain his trust, but when obtained is a very fierce and trustworthy friend. Due to very secretive and suspicious nature has been mislabeled as untrustworthy and suspect.
Joe, "Dude last night was super-quiet and kinda weird right, especially the way he just sort of disappeared."
Smitty, "Yea, he's a real shady-sanford type, but when he gets to know you you'll see he's good people."
by 1&only86 December 11, 2011
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