A term used by certain Gangsters, or "OG" 's in place of any word. It means anything and everything. So don't be afraid to throw it into conversation just because you feel like it!

It really confuses people.
(May be confused with Chewbacca)
Last night was so Shabaka!

that gangster, what a shabaka.

hahahaha SHABAKA!
by LilGangster October 25, 2011
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shabaka is the twitter gc ruel’s crackheads term for cupcakes aka insta stans!
ugh she is such a shabaka
by shnackn November 24, 2018
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Noun. A term used to define the tools who smoke Vapes
Look at that Shabaka over there, he's totally smoking a Vape.
by iizwhatiaint January 9, 2011
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the bare bum shabaka is a torturous technique used mainly by imature individuals, where two people hold someone down (preferably a china-man), and then one other person slowly lowers their spread bum cheeks and places them on the unfortunate souls awaiting face. Once bum cheeks are firmly placed on the facial area, they should be shaken, smeared, drug, or inclosed along wherever you have them placed. If you can force a fart while preforming the bare bum shabaka, it enhances the amusement level for the one giving, and those with the pleasure to observe.
if your playing a game and cannot think of a proper punishment for the loser, the bare bum shabaka always comes in handy.
by David Haddad February 15, 2006
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