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A sextathon, like a marathon, but with sex, begins usually in the late afternoon and goes into the wee hours of the morning. Just when you think it will end, it doesn't , because one person just keeps going and going. A sextathon can last hours leaving the parties feeling dehydrated and a bit sore.
I am exhausted, didn't get any sleep. I started this sextathon with my BF and he just kept going , and going. Took me a few days to recover.
by Fun&Nice May 27, 2016
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the act of sending numerous sext messages back and forth between two recipients.
Joe: You get me wet like first rain.

Murphy: why limit our sex lives to just us? We can get a big orgy going and call ourselves the freshmen 15

Joe: I need you to love every bone in my student body including mine.

Murphy: I want you inside my Porter Cave

..........And so forth over and over again

Murphy: we're having a sextathon !!!
by gloodwin June 28, 2011
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