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a woman who is employed as a secretary solely for the purpose of her employer banging her whenever and wherever he feels like it. May be construed as a chauvinistic interpretation of this once noble job (secretary; sorry ladies) in the days when e-mail and bosses who could type similarly did not exist. Modern examples of a sexetary may as well be any of the hot office women/slaves as portrayed on AMC's popular series "Mad Men."
Hey man, last night I just had to bang my sexetary silly against the file cabinet, and then on my desk.

And if you get hired here, we promise lots of options from which to select a suitable sexetary.

That girl may be dressed up like a desperate housewife for Halloween, but all I can think of is doing her as if she were my sexetary.
by Barnacle Bill November 01, 2009
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1. A very attractive secretary/receptionist that one would like to have sexual relations with.

2. A secretary/receptionist that one has had sexual relations with.
Employee 1: Who's the new girl?
Employee 2: That's the boss' new sexetary.

Monica was Bill Clinton's sexetary.
by Cackus December 05, 2007
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