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A sex educator. A sex positive person with extensive knowledge who is open about sexuality and has a career educating others. Sex nerds include Violet Blue, Dan Savage, Annie Sprinkle, Audacia Ray, Dr. Ruth and others. Sex nerds publish in print, blogs, old and new media, give talks, seminars, etc.
SN: I can't decide what I want to write my next book about.
EG: What are you thinking?
SN: Either 'Sexy Conflict Resolution' or '101 Greatest Analingus Techniques.' Then again, I've always wanted to do a photo book on condom package design over the years.
EG: You're such a sex nerd.
by happystudent November 11, 2008
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n. Not your typical nerd. An intellectual who reads for pleasure, and knows upwards of four languages. However, sexnerds are deceptively goodlooking, and posses hidden sex appeal. Look for high cheekbones and captivating eyes. Sexnerds are literary, but never pretentious. Usually comes with sexnerd glasses. Maybe even a British accent.
That sexnerd was hot with his psychology book and framed glasses.
by rey March 09, 2005
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