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Common Slang for when a musical tune sounds very well produced.

Popularity increased after the music track by Guyver Mearns (A hard house producer popular in the music production community at the time and now famous on labels such as Tidy Trax and listed on Discogs) entitled "Serious Sound / You'll Know It" in 2002 which took/rip an audio sample from an old black and white film (Not sure which) "Time to lay down some serious sound" as a direct dialect quote from an actor within the film.

Later popularity was raised for the saying with the music production website '' (2003) a website for music producers to discuss production aspects of music making.

It has since spread into the music production community as a common expression of appreciation for a music artists level of production skill (Arrangement & quality of sound).
example 1

Listener - 'Those are some serious sounds'.
Music Artist - 'Why thank you'.

example 2

Producer - 'I wish I could produce some serious sounds'
Friend - 'Then learn how to do it'.

by xe-cute March 17, 2007
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