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It's like a {serial killer}, except instead of {murder}, it's someone who likes to have {sexual relations} in the same places, positions, {fetishes}, and other unique and specific preferences.
Johnny is a serial fucker because he always has {anal sex} in the shower with his shirt on.
by snowing down under November 14, 2011
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(n) singular. (does it sound like serial killer? good. cause there’s a good reason why)

there is such a thing. girls be aware of this term, use it when you witness a boy who goes around advancing multiple females into having sexual relations with them. i repeat, use it loud and proud. scream bloody murder when you witness this.

the reason why they do this more than once is because they have planned it, acted on it once before and sadly, succeeded. so bottom line, they have the balls to do it over again. ladies let’s not allow them to set a trend here. call them out on their serial fucker’ness’. save another girl from experiencing impetus’ made by douchebags.
He is a serial fucker, Shanda. He has slept with 54 girls (all one night stands), uses the same pick up line, and meets them all at the library!
by Imda Shit January 22, 2011
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