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Combining two traditions of Japanese culture:

Seppuku: (in short) Ancient sacrifical tradition in which a Samurai who was dishonored was told to end his life to regain his family's honor.

Bukkake: (in short) A ritual where (normally) one woman is placed among several men and then is covered in man juice.

The combination of these two give you Seppukake...

The (now) ancient tradition among various Internet gamers who have fallen in battle (online, of course) and have disgraced their Screen Name and must go through the ritual of Seppukake. The committance to suicide through the stabbing of themselves with the plethora of many man poles to regain his honor.

Brought to you by: Yummy 1337-Sauce and GIMP Jotun
**Karin was knifed in the head by Y1337S**
Karin: OMFG NO T-T
**Karin commits Seppukake**
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