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A member of the U.S. Navy that can pretty much do whatever they what and get away with it due to their appointment by congress.
Senior chief totally got a blow job in the office last week from a junior sailor. Cant do shit though cause he's a senior chief.

Sailor: Senior, why are you still trying to stay in the Navy after 20 years?

Senior Chief: Cause I love fucking younger girls and I'm to much of a jabroni to hack it in the real world.
by joe navy sailor October 16, 2007
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Enlisted Rank 8 of the United States Navy. They are filled with a seething hatred for all life and forms of enjoyment. Virtually indestructible and capable of killing a terrorist from >4miles away with a single 'chief hand'.
I was strolling up the spine today with my cover off in my N dubs and a senior chief showed up out of nowhere. never again...

"Did you see that senior chief wrestle that alligator last week? now he's got super sat boots. "
"No way!Man I wish I was that BAMF"
by Not a Chief January 09, 2012
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