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A person who is a legend in their own lunchtime...pretends they don't want to be recognised whilst hiding behind oversized sunglasses screaming to be noticed and mistaken for a celebrity...often has to be seen to be buying their lifestyle from all the right shops (the bags are as important if not more so than their contents)...a relentless self-publicist who loudly and self-importantly announces their every earth-shattering move to the world whilst speaking on their mobile...a relentless facebook self-publicist...a person who laps up the increasing blurring or indeed removal of the dividing line between our private and public selves...talent is not necessary any more, just an inordinate focus on what is currently deemed to be the the "right" superficies by the cognoscenti together with a gift for shameless self-promotion...etcetera...
Take a look around next time you're in town...Selfridges is usually a good bet is you wish to spot a selfebrity. If you're bored or annoyed to tears on public transport by a person loudly advertising their immense popularity and important social life while they're talking on their mobile, chances are it's a selfebrity.
by Count Baculum July 05, 2009
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