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An extremely common version of randomization (just mashing keys... like dgf9wehguwehg) that is often used by people who play Rainbow Six games a lot. It is so common that I am now making it an urban terminology.
"Bill swallows."
"That makes me nervous."
"Why is that?"
"He's having a dinner party tonight and..."
"Let me guess, you're going?"
"HELLLSSSSSS no, my brother is, and he's got a shaved head, ripped body, and an Iron Cross around his neck, and he's going to a gay man's party."
"Oh, well that's a recipe for connundrum."
"Jigga what?"
"Todd, you're such a fag."
"I hate fucking fags."
"I'm your brother you see."
by lazirus July 07, 2004
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