Similar to agender (which means not having a gender), segender is a term that can be used by anyone in any culture to indicate that the person using it does not have any of the genders defined in that person's own culture. Someone who is segender may also be agender if agender is not recognized in that person's culture.

In the United States of America, this would be someone whose gender is not male, female, or any of the genders recognized in the category known as "nonbinary" in those regions where "nonbinary" is recognized.

In India, this would be someone who is not male, female, hijra, or any of the subsets (such as aravanis).

As with any gender term, in many cultures it is impossible to know if someone is segender unless the person tells you.

The accent is on the first syllable, which the root word "se" from Latin meaning "apart." Pronounce it like you would segway, seclusion, secure.
I have never heard of a word from my culture that really describes my gender, so I just go with segender.
by Blamtastical October 12, 2017