sefeed means "white" in persian. in american persian slang, it has come to refer to white people and to persians who are "white-washed."
Look at Nooshin dance! She's such a sefeed!
by ami am November 16, 2005
Deragetory term for white people in Farsi.

It litteraly means 'white'.

When used, it is supposed to mean 'whiteboy'.

Hey, salom sefeed, khoobi?
by aguynamedandy October 29, 2005
Big sefe is a nutrious breakfast cereal made from the finest grains and oats.
"This big sefe is delicious"Sabi
"Yes and you can it find anywhere"Pooh bear

"Wow. I think ill have some now" Sabi
by chief sabi January 29, 2014