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It is all about a lovely beautiful girl with brown eyes who loves sherlock holmes and harry potter.She is an film worm(exactly like a bookworm).She is so caring and if you give her a work she will do it completely perfect.a good listener and adviser. Intelligent and clever.In one sentence she is a lovely true friend who everyone wants to spend time with. My left handed super woman friend,love you to the moon and back! you are sweet as your name!
(She will always say to me:<<moohato kootah kardi dige na man na to.>>)

Oh look at that beautiful girl,what’s her name?
Her name is Nooshin R.J
by That.girl.named.tannaz August 16, 2018
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To do something or find yourself in a situation which most ordinary people believe impossible.But not in a good way.
Odd, odd Weekend. A typical nooshin!
by gerard1101 August 15, 2011
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