a valid excuse for a really bad mistake, can only be used once
Wife: I cant believe you had sex with those two strippers, then you had the nerve to bring them to the house and make them breakfast.

Husband: Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Wife: I bet it did, it was a bad idea and you are a ass hole for thing it was

Husband: Well, that did not cross my mind at the time. I never banged to hot bitches at the same time and two bitches at the same time is always a good idea.

Rumored to be what Bill Clinton said when asked about Monica Lewinsky during his 1999 impeachment hearing.
by Dave Lickersnach April 8, 2015
...comes across to this uneducated individual, due to first-hand experience from their 110% urban street life, like...
Seems like Sammy's Italian deli, several blocks down, is closed, even though it's Thursday afternoon. Can't quite make it out from this here 'partment. 'S rainin' cats 'n dogs. Don't got no inernet, m'phone's dead, powr's out (@ least on my block), so i can't pull up no day'is number, don't got no paper wit no coupons, dunno Sam's address, 'n don't got nobody comin in or out willin'a search 'im on dey 'is phone.
by tripleFfactoryWerkor April 9, 2020