While giving yourself a retarded stranger your hand may need a little guidance or extra power. When aid is given by the prominant hand by grabbing the wrist a seeing-eye dog is being preformed.
While Joe was giving himself a retarded stranger his forearm began to cramp and he was forced to do a seeing-eye dog to finish.
by Duff McGee December 4, 2005
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When a girl acts like a seeing eye dog with a guy.
The girl walked a guy around the bar all night long like she was a seeing eye dog then left his ass @ the bar. That guy was seeing eye dogged.
by TheGuy!!!!! September 3, 2006
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a best friend who is moderately sober and helps his biddy judge the looks of a girl/guy
"hey man, you're my seeing eye dog. is that girl hot?"

"yea i guess if you like slam pigs"

"alright thanks man im goin for it"
by cfwest November 4, 2012
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