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1: The guy that lurks in the shadows creeping out chicks with his awkwardly broken up face. This man loves nothing more than to be given a a bismarck in the frozen vegetable aisle of your local Publix. His other guilty pleasures in life are having another man perform a fountain of you or a glass bottom boat..(if any of those references are unclear I strongly suggest that you google them)

2: A crazed porno-fanatic who watches Brazilan fart porn and angrily beats off until the the recently ingested arnge crush begins to wear off.

3: Also known as "Lemon-face Killah." A true rap phenomena whose signature face resembles a man who has just sucked down half a dozen lemons!

4: A cholo who enjoys caligraphy, african romance novels and writing haikus.

5: a jewish goat herder in the Andes with a noticeable gimp who suffers from an excessive number of chronic phobias: Geniophobia, Barophobia, Phronemophobia, Deipnophobia and Anablephobia.
What's another word for a douchy mixture of vagina dicharge and arnge crush? Oh, Sebikins!
by YouDontEvenKno June 08, 2009
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