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a savage pancake who cant choose a bias. She cant stay in a sport for more than a week. Also she has some weird friends. identifies as omnisexual? short. likes Alaskan Pancake Piledriver Upsidedown Milkmachines ;)). Kinkyyy . “bless your soul” . has an old man kink . (specifically trump / kim jong un) . likes chicken now . on crack. died of peanut butter ice cream. licks cows ears. wait isnt she allergic to peanuts.ohhhh. “my dreams are to swallow nuts” . needs to relearn sex ed. oh and she taken. left on seen. :)). follow @bloodsweatandcum on instagram
“bts doing hot things”

pow right in the sucker”
idk why you calling me out on things are you trying to expose me”
“i just chewed on a nut that feels weird”

“Ive only ever tasted pastified nuts , peanut butter”
“ive never actually bit into nut, well i mightve but i might just not remembered”

“what does actual nut taste like”

“does nut taste different depending on the guy” -sebella
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by suckmypeanut June 12, 2018
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