A guy whos says hes homeless and begs for food. Plays fortnite too. Don't give him food.
Omg what a homeless person. He acts like sean kim.
by ImJustALonelyKid March 12, 2018
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Sean Kim is an iconic man who anyone can stan because of his talent, grace, and edginess. Sean Kim (also referred to as Sean) is a kind, compassionate, clear-skinned, well-structured-faced, underappreciated, unique individual who deserves the whole world. Though some may call him a "goblin," he is really more appropriately a "goblin king/queen." Sean Kim may pronounce your last name wrong five (or more) times, but he truly just wants to improve his vocabulary and has a beautiful and pure white chocolate soul. Sean is the perfect boy with the best pick up lines that can steal anyone's heart. He is so intelligent even if he uses Google for the answers. Sean Kim will truly change your life and change its meaning :)
uneducated person: "why does everyone like Sean Kim?"
educated intellectual sean kim stan: *shows them this definition*
by sksc May 21, 2018
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