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Stinky ocean farts one gets from eating seafood
Her seafarts smelled like scallops and shit
by bigolpinksock September 10, 2012
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a fart which is caused by the sea, and has the stench of saltyness sea and farts
Bobo had a sea fart , he now smells like salty shit
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by Jakc83851$ July 13, 2017
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Variant of the word Cuntfart, originating from the shorthand version: "C Fart", yet having something in common with the smell of the ocean
We were sitting down to dinner, and she let go a Seafart
by teatswith August 21, 2003
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A guy the falls in line with older ladies but still creeps and prays on the younger ones
In my early 30s I started to become a sea fart.
by Shartster mini July 25, 2019
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