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1. It can used as a curse word for something not going right.

2. When you are feeling so bored that staring at ice melting suddenly became so exciting.
1. Damn, i nearly got run over by a sdok guy!

2. The person above me is sdok thats why he started it off.
by kown sva May 18, 2006
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Originated from a Khmer (Cambodian) word. It means Boring, slow, lifeless, stuffy.

1.A lazy Sunday afternoon when you have nothing to do, just sit under the sun and get bored.

2.When its hot, you are waiting for your friends and they never show up. They sold you out. You're pissed.

3.When the situation gets to a point where everything goes so slow and everyone just gets really bored. Like a party where you're not allowed to drink, smoke or do anything naughty because some old fart is watching.

4.When you lose in a card game and you get very frustrated and angry but you keep betting till you burn a hole in your pocket.

You can use the word 'SDOK' in any situation that is slow, boring or pissed you off. Describe a slow car or a nerdy chick. Rediculous or odd situation. You can describe the weather as in sdok when it is too cold or too hot and humid.

It pronounced as it reads. Not SAADOK, a quick say, Sdok!
1. F*cken sdok man, lets just go. F*ck your friend.

2. What a SDOK day, lets go smoke some weed and relax.

3. Man this car is really SDOK, its like a grandma car.

4. My gf is really sdok man, she never wants to have sex.

5. It rains all day, so f*cken SDOK man!!
by Kown_Chma May 04, 2006
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