"That" girl you meet in college. She's always down for a "good time"(i.e. she'll fuck anything with a pulse, if you give her enough booze). You'll catch her at the party never alone, always with two or more other scuzzlers looking to cock block, but that doesn't matter because she's spending the night, if not with you some other dude. She can be easily talked into having a train run on her, just keep the alcohol coming and she'll never say no to whatever you bring up! She is not girlfriend material and is often confused with the sorostitute, but the scuzzler doesn't have any greek letters on and she'll fuck anybody including fraternity members. She is openly against greek life, but has no problem being run-through by a fraternity if the mood suits her. In conclusion, she is a huge slut, but she's cute at the least, she can probably out drink most guys, and she'll fuck the shit out of you. She is a sorostitute without the letters!!!!
Will: Did you she that Sorostitute??
Floyd: No my friend that is a scuzzler! Look no letters, I bet she'd be down for a little Train Action tonight!?!?
Will: Of course, the scuzzler, that bitch if so ready for later!!
Floyd: I bet you can get one of her little scuzzler wing girls!!
by ChugKing/FrankTheTank October 06, 2007
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