Founded by Samuel Ginzburg, the term "Scuse™ " has multiple meanings and may vary by the use of context. Scuse™ originated in November 2017 in a basketball game and ever since the date, the term "Scuse™ " widely spread throughout the five boroughs. Scuse™ has been more frequently used in the past year, soon to be a global enterprise.
1. Sam, can you. please Scuse me?


Teacher- *presenting lecture*

Female- *talking*
Sam- Yo bro, she wants your Scuse
Friend- Glooks bro, I will try!
by Scuse™ December 29, 2020
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This word derived from SCUSE MEH. The reason that it became simply known as scuse is because angelo got to it and of course angeloed it. He angeloed it so hard as Scuse thinking it was funnier his way.

It is commonly used as an obnoxious, loud interjection compared to the proper more low key "excuse me"
1.(you are part of a courthouse audience and they are just abt to read a landmark jury verdict, you come back from the bathroomand pronounce loudly and firmly:) SCUSE.

2. You walk into a room where two ppl were just abt to make out: SCUSE

3.Walking out a crowded elevator: SCUSE

4. Barging through people in Times Square during New Years EVE: SCUSE
by Johnny Vague February 17, 2005
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The shortening of the word 'excuse'
Dude1: "You a homo!"
Dude2: "'scuse me?"
by ya boi, garbage September 28, 2019
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The shorted ill-tempered short-mannered way of saying, "excuse me.” This variation is often used in situations where there is a hot, uncomfortable room full of smelly, ignorant, crowded, deaf people that never feel like getting the hell out of anyone’s way. Rather than wasting precious time and energy and giving them the graceful kind pardon of saying "excuse me" one must use the word in its other more rude and assertive context.
BAD: excuse me kind sir, but would you be ever so kind as to let me pass through.

GOOD: Hi ass hole!, i'm sorry but maybe you didn't hear me before when i said 'SCUSE ME!!! now step the hell aside!!!
by wanna-be-a-jamie-bond April 14, 2009
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What you say when someone asks you to do something stupid.
Can you please get out of your seat so I can sit down? Ahem scuse me?
by LittleBoi2 March 04, 2018
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The phrase you use whenever the people at the drive-thru forget something in your bag and you have to tap on the window to get their attention.
"Mc Scuse me! I know I ordered another cheesburger and large fry up in here!"
by foxmox April 23, 2008
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The result of when someone tells you something highly unbelievable, or just plain surprising. It can also be used elsewhere, such as when you're dissed. Basically a vulgar form of excuse me.
(while watching South Park on tv)

Ms. Garrison - "So there you go! You're the retarded offspring of five monkeys having butt sex with a fish-squirrel! Congratulations!”
Me - Ex-the-fucking-scuse-me?
by southpark948 September 03, 2007
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