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scunt bag: a councilite male who will mack on to any female in the hope of passing down his useless sperm in order to get a council house and use the bockety child to get a passport on the council board..

these guys usually fail at relationships and can be seen regulary munching at the eurosaver menu at mcdonalds
scunt bag one: oiii craighhh wanna head down to scunderland and grab a few eurosavers mate??

scunt bag two: yeahh one min (after unsucessfully trying to pull AN OVERWEIGHT michelle), ready to scunt mate,lets grab a few scoops first eh??
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a mixture of a slut, cunt and douche bag. usually sleeps around and has seen her fair share of the male reproductive organs.
"did you hear about how many guys she went down on at the party...what a scunt bag."
by rook221xxx January 09, 2009
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