1. An alge eating animal that lives in your fish tank and sucks all the scum and eats poop in your fish tank.

2. A low-life bar trash blonde women that perfers to suck on the most scumy men of the world.

3. your Mom
1.(pet store) Where are all your scum suckers located at?

2. You scum sucking whore, why are you flirting with my man?

3. Your Mom sucked all the scum off his dick.
by Abby May 11, 2004
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Someone who gorges themself at the expense of the greater good. An extremely selfish person who does not agree with the greatest happiness principle. A person who consistently favors excess, especially at the expense of others. Narcissistic and egotistical people who believe they are superior to others, based on wealth, religion, education, culture, and other societal feature or random happenstance. A conservative republican in America.
Some dude: I can't believe a scum sucker like Bush could ever be elected to government office. Wow everyone probably thinks Americans are retarded.
Other dude: yeah guess what? You're about to witness a giant filth leech, king of all scumsuckers, by the name of Donald Trump, get elected president. More proof of American mental deficiency on a grand scale.
by Mike Made Man September 16, 2016
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A shower-scum sucker is a person who down-votes another guy's post that is meant to pay a tribute and memoralize his beloved dog.
Shit! The shower-scum suckers are mad because their turd didn't get elected, so now, they stop braiding their pubic hair and go down-vote something that is completely none of their business - bon appetite!
by USAF Cadet February 8, 2021
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