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Sculley is a male name latin for sleep, anybody with the name Sculley has passion for sleeping. The name Sculley began back in 1763 when an indian prophecy known for having high methane production discovered cannabis as a cure for his high production of methane, so as a result turned to the drug to inhibit his problem. In addition, due to having such a love for sleep it is commonly known that the Sculley is always short of energy, lazy and focuses his main aims around the day on food. Sculley's have close friends, family and rarely go without other than at times due to their own negative actions. Even though the name is latin for 'sleep' many would interpret a Sculley to be boring however that is not always the case, they can be fun, loud and enjoyable to be around at times but when the mood dies, so does Sculley. More positively, he is liked by everyone he knows and brings a smile to the faces of the people around him, when it comes down to it, a Sculley will always be there when you need them even though when called, the chances are they are eating or asleep.
Sculley: "I'm so hungry dude where can we go to eat?"

John: "McDonald's is just round the corner?"

Sculley: "It sounds like a good idea but I really can't be bothered!"
by Mr Hussaine July 09, 2014
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