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An act which may be undertaken after one has filled a bathtub with spaghetti noodles and sumberged themselves within the noodles whilst breathing through a snorkle protuding from the noodle mass. Then your girlfriend comes and impales herself upon said snorkle anally. One then procudes to draw succulently and deeply upon the snorkle in an effort to withdraw any secretions remaining from the prevous day's anal adventures. Note: Their is a magical time occuring once a month in most women, where this procedure may have an optional special sauce added to the spaghetti noodles; when scubafelching in this manner you may refer to it as a scoobafelch-o-crimsonsauce
Used in a sentence: Honey, I want to see if I can scubafelch the cum I left in your ass last week; I added an extension to the snorkle, but I need you to pick up 52 lbs of noodles, a helmet and a leash.
by Mr. Roberto C. January 01, 2008
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