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A scrummer can also be called a bum, but a high class bum at that. A scrummer is one who wakes up after 11 oclock on a regulaar basis ( weekends and vacations), one who would rock sweatpants regualrly, otfen times with timberland boots. aka scrumberlands, who don't feel like spending the extra 3 $ on "good beer". A scrummer will usualy never turn down a lip, and will find enjoyment in watching tv for more than 2 hours a day, in their sweaatpants. so here's to you scrummers. god bless
look at that scrummer at school wearin sweatpants and scrumberlands.
by Jeff Erving June 11, 2007
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The words scrumptious and yummy had sex and scrummers is their love-child. Not only a descriptive of that which is ultimately delicious to the mouth, but an exclamation of certain gays upon encountering a particularly hunky man, usually accompanied by an agitation of hands and said with a squeal.
"Oh looky over there, Ms. Thang! Break me off a piece of that man-cake. Somebody's been working out. That is one stud that I find SCRUMMERS!", or, "The disguised food critic caused all the patrons of the restaurant to turn around ogle when he screached, 'SCRUMMERS!' over the Lard Pie he had just tasted."
by KremeDeMentia January 10, 2010
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