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The entire male genital area, including the grundle and rectum. Derived from the early Latin "Scrotum," meaning "scrotum," and "Complex," meaning "complex." While it was originally referred to as the "scrotexal complex," the term was eventually simplified to merely "scrotex."
Dude 1: After working out at the gym, my whole scrotex stinks.
Dude 2: Stinks like what?
Dude 1: Stinks like scrotex.
Dude 2: Woof!
by Scrotexyak November 11, 2004
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Noun; The first masculine hygiene product created specifically to absorb the hard to cover smell of grundle sweat.
Person #1: "Hey Steve, didn't you have marching band practice today"?
Person #2: "Well yes I did Irvin".
Person #1: "Why can't I smell your nut sack like usual"?
Person #2: "Why that's because I'm wearing new SCROTEX"!!
Person #1: "What is that Steve"?
Person #2: "Why it's only the single greatest invention since the deodorant maxi-pad".


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Aerosol deodorant spray for the ass/scrotum area of the male. Also, the male version of FDS Spray for women.
"Lancecastor's balls are smelling kind of stale, you might want to pick him up a can of Scrotex at the pharmacy"
by Angeleenabobeena December 21, 2003
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